About Us

Mbhashe Online

Mbhashe Online Enterprise Pty Ltd better known as “MOE Pty Ltd” is a privately black owned business fully registered with the company registrar of South Africa.

Mbhashe Online is a digital platform that is designed to digitalize the Mbhashe’s three towns better known as DGX – Dutywa-Gatyana -Xhorha. The area is very rich with the language of isiXhosa, Culture, Tourism, Farming and many more. Mbhashe Online is a one stop website where you have to learn all about this coastal community in the Eastern Cape under the Amathole District Municipality, in Mbhashe Local Municipality as the name of the website suggest. The website is independent, not affiliated to any government authority but the content contained by the website is influenced by the community. The area was not accessible on the digital platform but now Mbhashe Online.