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Online Radio

Online radio means listening to radio via the internet. The radio signal is not transmitted via AM or FM band, but streamed via the internet. This means that your device needs to be connected to the internet to receive the radio station. If your internet is not fast enough then the radio station will start and stop playing.

MB Media Streaming

Mbhashe Online is a technological driven company that offers a wide range of online services. We  offer audio streaming services for online radio stations, community radio stations, small business, schools, retail and churches.

How it works? : 

To get started your audio need 3 stages to take

Your station:

Your broadcasting point, you need an encoder to convert audio into a stream.


Your audiostream arrives at the server platform and will be pushed through to the appropriate channels.


Your broadcasts is sent out to players via your website, directories, apps, or direct links for your listeners to tune in

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