Station Profile

Sikanye Nawe Radio is a Broadcast Radio from Harding KwaZulu Natal Offers: Gospel Talks, Sports, Educational talk oriented content, informative music and entertaining content in Isizulu, Xhosa and English.

Sikanye Nawe Radio presents a format of 40% music and 60% talk, with a line-up comprised of music shows, News reports, life style, family and Church programmes, entertainment shows, competitions and discussing current affairs. The station are also promotes local Artists mostly in rural areas. Providing them with a platform where they can reach a lager audience.

Sikanye Nawe Radio formed by Sikanye Nawe Spiritual & Physical Healing Campaign by Dr Simo Mhlanga in December 31 2016 where Sikanye Nawe launched in UMlazi Durban KwaZulu Zulu Natal, Manyuswa Primary School. God gave this young enthusiastic leader a vision about the word of Acts 4 :32-37,